Buechel Stone Case


    Buechel Stone Corporation, a stone quarry located in Fond du Lac, WI, was combating poor lighting, a high rate of maintenance, and high utility costs. They often had such a high demand that they experienced brown outs in their facility and electrical surges that affected their production. They were hoping to find a solution that would allow them to put less of a draw on the utility company, and make the job of employees on the production floor easier.

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Working with The Wasmer Company to facilitate the project, Buechel Stone Corporation upgraded their existing lighting to LED technology. Over their production areas, the Extreme Ambient LED and Tubular LED products were installed; outfitted with in-series Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors to prevent any future issues with voltage spikes from the utility company.

Contractor Bio

    The Wasmer Company is a full service energy efficiency consulting firm, comprised of a team of certified Energy Consultants and Professional Engineers who are trained to develop and implement fully integrated energy efficient systems. The Wasmer Company works with business owners around the world, educating them on how they can dramatically cut costs and increase both productivity and profitability, while reducing the negative effects energy consumption has on air quality and water supply. Learn more about The Wasmer company  here .