How it works


Out with the old

    Remove the old fluorescent fixtures from your ceiling that are not currently providing light output. Box them up and send them to ePOWER to be rebuilt.


In with the new

    ePOWER will take your old fixtures are rebuild them with TLED technology. Afterwards, ePOWER will send them back to your facility.


Repeat the process

    When you receive your new TLED fixtures, simply swap them out with any other 3 fluorescent fixtures in your facility and repeat the refurbishment process.

Why TLEDs?


 Energy Savings

    When compared to relamping with fluorescent, TLEDs have a significantly decreased wattage while still maintaining a high quality of light. This means they use less energy and save you money on your utility bill.


UL Approved

    New wiring and lamp holders ensure that fixtures are built to UL approved standards.




    Refurbished fixtures built with Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) protect against spikes in electricity.


Increased Lifetime

    A 14w TLED has a 101,000 annual hour lifetime compared to relamping with a fluorescent which only has a 40,000 annual hour lifetime.


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