Reinventing the way we approach energy usage .

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        Started With Challenging Environments In Mind

        ePOWER Manufacturing was created with challenging environments in mind. Our team combines decades of experience in the engineering and sustainable energy fields to provide solutions to some of the most intricate and difficult industrial issues. We offer products that are built to withstand harsh environments and will help save you money on energy expenses in the process.

        Our products are guaranteed by UL, ETL, and DLC to be the highest quality, performing above expectation. Each product is designed to withstand the toughest environments, outperforming the competition. ePOWER Manufacturing is a leader and innovator in these types of industrial LED lighting solutions. We will help you gain impressive energy savings through intelligent LED lighting.

        ePOWER Ethics Policy

        Policy & Procedures

            ePOWER Manufacturing, LLC ethics policies include our non-compete promise. Our non-compete promise is to never intentionally compete with our wholesale network. From time to time, we may be supporting multiple Certified Value Added Resellers (CVARs) who are trying to provide energy efficient solutions to the same end user. ePOWER promises to provide the same consistent level of service to all of our CVARs. CVARs may have different pricing based on their pricing levels, which is established based on previous years purchases. ePOWER further promises to never offer pricing to end users lower than Minimum Advertised Price (MAP, which is the same as Internet price. The only reason why we offer any quotes to end users is so we can be a second quote versus the end users getting a second quote for a different product from a different manufacturer. We believe that process further encourages the end user to buy the ePOWER product but from the CVAR. We encourage all end users to buy through our CVAR network, as the CVAR network gets a longer warranty. We also adhere to our ethics policies of confidentiality. ePOWER employees will not discuss any proposals, contact information, opportunities, etc. with any other CVARs or any person or company that could be viewed as a competitor; but we will support all our customers equally. If in the event an end user asks for a quote from ePOWER and ePOWER knows of CVARs working with the end user, ePOWER will notify all CVARs that are quoting the project that the end user asked for a quote.


        ePOWER Manufacturing, LLC

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